In the presence of the Queen: Exploring London with CP

Hi everyoneee!  I apologise for not uploading anything for the past few weeks.  I had travelled to three magnificent countries: England, India, and Thailand.  The trip encapsulated fascinating sights, magical experiences, the warmth of family, and the familiarity of inferiority.  Upon returning, I tested positive for COVID-19 (despite receiving the booster), fell ill and endured symptoms that inhibited proper functioning and productivity.  In this post, I would like to gloss over the highlights of my holiday, the pleasant memories as well as degrading occurrences.

Let’s open with what a typical journey through the airport encompasses, the troubles I grapple with. Overall, I manage to scrape by quite sufficiently.  However, there are undoubtedly minor difficulties.  As mentioned in my previous blog, I suffer from Cerebral Palsy which is the catalyst for these setbacks.  At the airport, guilt-an emotion that has developed into second nature for me, is one of the many places it washes over me.  Whilst my family trudges with heavy luggage at their side or trailing behind them, I’m free of that added burden with merely my light Prada purse slung over my shoulder and a backpack resting on my shoulders, containing only my commodities.  And I still pull the stunt of being the slowest, with several metres separating us, panting and willing my legs to increase speed which only succeeds in my ribs aching.  Amid immigration when one approaches the desk, there is a section that requests the placement of both thumbs upright, in a crisp straight line with the remaining four fingers tucked away.  I lack the ability to comply, as my right thumb tilts inwards with my other fingers pointing vertically ahead, achieving precisely the reverse of the demand. The most effective solution, I have learned is to be straightforward, and they will wave it. Unfortunately embarrassment ensues. Although, following years and years, it does not provide that heavy demoralising effect. It already happened so there is no point fretting over it. It’s reassuring knowing they will forget shortly after. It is cliche but true.

The first destination was London.  It was vastly historical, ignited by friendly people.  We spent a day at Warner Bros Studios, touring the sets, technologies, props and costumes utilised throughout the eight films.  This included the Gryffindor and Slytherin common room, the Great Hall, Yule Ball, the Chamber of Secrets door, the Forbidden forest, Marauders map, how they created perspective, the Fat Lady and moving portraits, and Hogwarts Express.  That is what I recollect at the moment and you probably don’t want me to drone on.  I also rode a broomstick which was powered by green screen. Meanwhile I remained stationary, performing motions to aid the illusion.  Some of which I could not execute perfectly…proving I’m no Quidditch player.  Although, watching the clip causes it to feel magical.  Prior to being exposed to behind the scenes content, I did not withhold the awareness of the intricacy and depth that composed these films. 

Walking was a prominent component here: Strolling the streets of Covington Garden, trekking to a train station, or the completion of a city tour primarily by means of foot.  It served as a key mode of transport.  One day my step count reached 23000.  Through the duration of this segment of the holiday, I was continuously reminded of my incapacitation.  My legs would be aching, burning, threatening not to function as everyone else appeared to be moving about fluidly.  I recall at Windsor Castle grasping and appreciating the sight of a bench to savour just the few seconds of recharging my feet before they would die again.  The castle was awestrucking, constructed in an elaborate, flamboyant manner.  The ceilings were multifarious, populated with the workings of gold.  Unfortunately, photography and filming was sensibly prohibited.  We were permitted to see a collection of weapons, the treasures the country possessed gifted by other nations, and an array of significant paintings, and other collections and rooms that slipped my mind.  The most impressive, however, was that me and the Queen were in the same building at the same time.  A raised flag provided that knowledge.  If only I could have enjoyed lunch with her. 

London honestly is very transparent and trusting, allowing tourists and inhabitants to explore the deep roots and personal touches of the country.  For example, Westminster Abbey was highly personal, linked to royalty, and lucidly conveyed preponderance.  Princes and princesses were married and thousands of graves of notable people rested within such as Darwin and Newton.  IO promise others besides scientists…I just don’t remember. Furthermore, more astonishingly they weren’t sectioned off and one could walk, jump, skip, or whatever they desired on these with the exception of The Unknown Warrior.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed London and learned key facts about the country.  Watching and engaging in a different lifestyle was appealing and I gained an understanding and appreciation for it.  The ancient architecture was immaculate in places like Oxford.  After leaving a certain attachment had developed, inciting me to miss it.  Despite my inadequacies. I had a brilliant time; it only possesses the power to impede you and subdue, if you capitulate.  But if you are determined to be content, you’re unstoppable.  

Keep an eye open for my next blog, recounting the remainder of the trip.  Until then stay refreshed and don’t allow your shortcomings to define and rule your emotions.  

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