Close Contact with a Tiger: Visiting Thailand with CP

What’s up guysss?  Today, I will discuss my experiences in Thailand which was the last leg of my holiday.  If you haven’t already, check out my preceding two blocks regarding London and India.

After departing India, we hopped onto a flight with some family landing in Phuket.  On the first day we traversed the markets which contained everything under the sun.  Name something and there was a 99.9% chance you could find it.  

Inevitably, 24 hours later the difficulties wove into fruition.  The excursion consisted of travelling to three islands by means of boat.  The day didn’t seem daunting.  Yet, once I approached the sight of the boat, it generated unease, and I wondered why I had underestimated and not calculated correctly.  To settle in the bloat, I had to teeter and totter across this jostling, uneven walkway in the water. Once that was completed I couldn’t sigh in relief.  Nope there were steep steps.  Was it there intent for me to be exhausted before the day even officially began?  And when you stepped in, you were standing on a bench that encircled the perimeter.  No way was I sitting where everyone’s feet stomped, poor person who was last.  So I slid over.  Good lord that catastrophe had to be repeated 5 times.  It was semi reassuring watching others struggle, even if not to the extent I was.  Oh god that sounds bad.

Jet skiing…that was another activity.  Sounds fun, right!?  As we were nearing the jet skis Armaan was boasting about possession of his license and exclaimed he could drive it.  Envy prickled agonisingly like a sharp thorn I couldn’t displace.  I sullenly trailed behind.  I rode with my father, sloppily climbing onto the back seat and clutched onto him.  We fled deep into the abyss of the ocean zooming and zamming, speedier than lightning.  “Make a figure 8,” I hollered out.  So we did; it was like infinity, continuously executing that motion.  Next, I suggested spelling words out.  In all honesty, I failed to recognise the letters.  As far as my knowledge goes, maybe he never complied.  The foam beneath us was raging.  I clung on stronger once the sensation of slipping developed, but it yielded absolutely nothing, except me catapulting into the water.  The waves were thrashing against me, jolting me in the opposite direction.  Throwing my body forward, outstretching my arms, and kicking my legs, I grappled against the current and progressed towards the jet ski.  Once I grabbed hold of it I exhaled deeply.   Mounting already bore a cumbersome nature and with the unsteady terrain, rushing water it was excruciating.  Whilst I was toil, others streamed past.  I bit my lip, highly embarrassed.   It was only one time; it happens, I tried to reassure myself.  Then, soon enough, disaster struck.  Again.  I was flung out further and had to seep in the unforgiving ocean till my father circled back (he hadn’t realised).  Twice, now there was zero defence, no comforting lie to lure the creature inside me that was roaring.  Everyone would laugh secretly.  The concern would skyrocket.  Any probability of being viewed as equal or approaching that vanished into thin air.  I had to learn to accept my flaws and limitations. 

The final destination was Bangkok.  The unanimous plan was to go shopping.  Appears simple enough.  Just jump onto a tuk tuk and ask them where a solid place to splurge was.   First off, the process of me boarding the vehicle was disorderly and unpropitious.  I ungracefully attempted to exert force to propel my foot to the ridiculously elevated platform, only to come crashing down.  With assistance, I clumsily tumbled in.  There were radiating coloured lights that lit the tuk tuk, enhancing the journey.  My bua (aunty- whom I call Bhuiya since my younger self never managed to pronounce it)  informed the driver to drop us at a shopping centre.  He raised an eyebrow in confusion.  She reiterated it, emphasising the words shopping and nightlife.  He nodded and replied “okay, 10 minutes.”  The open air and the gentle breeze was refreshing as we gathered speed, the landscape blurring.  We rode and rode.  I’m not a clock but 10 minutes seemed to have expired by a long shot.  I pointed that out quietly, and they questioned the driver.  He told us “there, there.”  However, we were turning down an indisputably drab, sketchy road.  Who knew that the nightlife was dark, secluded, and silent?  At one point we were on a freeway, hit traffic, and far from the lively atmosphere.  Guess we got a city tour.  Luckily it was a fixed charge and not by the rate.  The language barrier was a mancle, but we were in their country, so I can’t blame them.

Thailand was like an envigorating sip of lemonade following a day in the sun.  I had thoroughly enjoyed London and India (with India being my favourite) but it was a flood of events.  Thailand was paradise with a foot massage everyday and the full body massage was like a reset.  I got my first facial and my face was so glowy and flawless, what I would give for it to have a lasting effect.  The nightlife on Bangla Road was jaw dropping.  Vegas cannot compare.  Petting, lying on, and holding a tiger’s tail was surely an adventure, as well as riding elephants and seeing Big Buddha.

Remember everyone has their weaknesses and imperfections.  Despite, in certain circumstances, you are under the impression it’s only you.  Acknowledge and understand your limitations.  You don’t always have to strive to fit in.  You don’t have to appear strong to those around you.  Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow.   

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