I Can’t Even Get Ready by Myself: Learning to Accept That

Hello guysss.  In this blog, I would like to discuss the daily struggles pertaining to the necessities carried out in preparation for the day.

Several tasks are feasible but the proficiency is lacking.  I physically am capable of putting on a shower cap.  However, clipping/tying the hair in a swift motion, fluidly slipping it on is unattainable.  Rather I usher my hair forward where it covers my face, shakily place the shower cap, and cram the remaining hair in, generating a lopsided, shaggy appearance.  Although, it is effective for the most part excluding the remnants.  Changing is perfectly doable and adequately executed.  But the pace is compromised.  I’m not painfully slow; a delay occurs though.  In order to wear my pants, a sitting position is substantive as my balancing is that of a penguin.  Tying my shoes is plausible.  Over the years, I developed a technique to tie my shoes, deviating from the standard methods.  Nonetheless, it is time consuming and results in a floppy form.  Thus, shortly after, it crumbles and disintegrates.  Altogether someone else lacing them is unquestionably more efficacious: once and done.  Unfortunately there are actions that are merely inconceivable.  Brushing my hair- a monkey without a doubt could accomplish the duty, yet not me.  If I settle on keeping my hair open for the day, then we are gucci; I can forcefully rid the tangles…(wouldn’t be surprised if I break a brush) and finish the look with a headband.  Conversely, on days when my hair is oily, dry or overall just a hot mess, and tying it aids in disguising the disaster, that is where the predicament ensues.  Without somebody to complete this for me, it’s a lost cause; I would interact in public with weedy hair.

Accepting your faults whilst not faltering into anguish over them is critical.  If there is nothing you can do to shift the reality, carping and brooding over it, only further entraps you into a downward spiral.  Instead focus and appreciate your attributes.  Everyone could work on that.

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