All I Want is my license: How to Get Over something You Cannot Have

Encompassed to entirety and wherever you glance, the sinking, dejecting pulse courses through you, as you wishfully marinate in everyone relishing what you desperately desire.  And it is incredibly heart wrenching when it is out of your control.  At the age of 18, I resentfully watch kids one after another receive their driver’s license. All my friends are in possession of one.  I celebrate their accomplishment but raging below the surface is angst- lamented that I will never get to show off that damn card with my photo plastered and the words driver’s license neatly printed.  The other day, in school, senior superlatives were introduced.  Of course, the painstaking presence of driving was included: worst and best driver.  I felt my heart get heavy, whilst everyone mulled over who would win, cheerfully adding suggestions and further elaborating with stories. Frustration rampaged me; this yearning is always lingering on my mind- a nuisance that can’t be rid, sending me to tears.

I have to remind myself that ruminating about that supplies zero asset; it only stirs longing.  It doesn’t bring me any closer to the aspiration.  If it is not in my control, it is utterly useless to dwell on the matter.  What’s that one thing that isn’t in your control but nonetheless occupies your emotion?  Comment down below!  And together we can strive to look past it.  I know it’s not easy but in the long run we will appreciate it.

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