I can’t Keep Up with My Friends

Anticipation is like a fly, relentless nagging at you-pestering.  Despite all efforts to displace the nuisance, the buzzing is persistent.  This is present when I meet my friends, the dread of the arrival of activities I lack the ability to execute.  On a couple occasions different friends would suggest a day at the water park.  Although the water park is very enjoyable, I have difficulties stepping into the mini pool of water (due to the height) that foreshadows the slide.  My struggles extend on some rides, following catapulting into the water, clinging and scrambling on board the raft thing is gruelling.  

Not only are qualms prevalent, but the actual catastrophe has emerged.  There was this night, my friends yearned to braid hair on the rooftop.  It wasn’t the one at the most elevated height, yet still at ¾.  A whole ordeal arose.  Igniting the path to the window sill, there were trinkets scattered about, including the area adjacent to the sill; it was a wonderful addition to the dolour.  Bunglingly, I skimped, awkwardly lifting a foot over the edge, clasping onto the side of the window, and atrociously plopped down on the rooftop.  Upon climbing back into the house was even more uncoordinated and dishevelled.  I unsteadily bent forward as to avoid breaking my head.  Proceeding a failed attempt, I resorted to sitting down and heaving myself in.  Noticing that state I was in, my friends pulled me in as I flopped onto the ground.

The moral here is that it is perfectly acceptable and even beneficial to ask for help which I need to learn as well.  Your friends or anyone present will gladly assist and it aides them in better understanding you.  It is okay to be disorderly.  As cliche as it sounds, no one else is ruminating about it like you.

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