The Meaning of New Year’s: How to Approach It

New Year’s- is a joyous occasion, welcoming the new calendar year, ignited by partying.New Year’s resolutions are pondered and formulated.  Sometimes including a course of action.  But what if this is the incorrect approach or only captures part of the purpose?

On New Year’s day, I stumbled upon this quote highlighting how we tend to develop resolutions altering ourselves.  It suggested that instead we should resolve to be ourselves.  Whether we realise it or not, there are moments that are not authentic, suppressing a view, hiding an interest, shifting personality to blend in, etc.  Perhaps analysing our tendencies, behaviors and patterns of concealing is the first step, followed by conscious effort to not crumble under influence and succumb to conformity.

One thing I fail to digest is hoping, praying, manifesting for an abundant 2023 (or whatever the upcoming year is).  Circumstances won’t magically do a 180.  Money won’t suddenly appear.  That job won’t automatically sprout.  Time is constant, independent. You don’t wake up on 1 January with a new life; it’s the same as 31 December,  It’s just numbers that were somehow invented.  In order to generate the desired change, utmost perseverance is crucial.  Simply waiting won’t yield anything.

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