The Power of Friends: Being Real With Them

I know what it is like not having any friends.  Quite frankly it is the most desolating and lonely feeling ever.  Encompassed by laughing peers enjoying their time, you falter into isolation, yearning for at least one person that would provide the opportunity to be frothy with, to spill secrets.  You would desperately give anything to not sit alone in the cafeteria.  You lack feeling like a primacy.  Your phone is as dry as a desert.  Despite the deplorable outlook, the circumstances can alter.  It happened to me.  

I finally possess true friends to share anything and everything with, to giggle with until our stomachs feel like erupting.  They accept and cherish me in spite of my unerring disability!  Overtime, naturally they have observed my weaknesses and incapabilities, learning when I may need assistance.  It really warmed my heart when we were on a walk and there was a colossal jump down with no presence of a railing, and my friend immediately commented “Hold on, I got you,” and lifted me up, before I even articulated my inability.  I am forever grateful.  Do not fret over being vulnerable with friends, of having your shortcomings be known.  At the end of the day, they will try their best to help. Comment below a time a friend knew you were need or something you wished they understood.

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