I Can’t Read Facial Expressions: Embracing it

Rather recently, I was mindlessly sitting through class, preoccupied with completing work from other classes.  My teacher was asking throw away questions.  Who is this?  Dory.  Who is this?  Nemo.  I said it matter of factly, expecting him to continue and explain whatever principle we were studying.  Wrong!!  He sighed exasperated.  “You should know this,”his voice inflected with bewilderment and disappointment.  Marlin, Another girl supplied.  Ding ding!  But no bells were ringing for me.  The lesson here was to keep my mouth shut.

The inability to interpret facial expressions or pictures accurately is quite debilitating.  Whilst the immediate lightbulb radiates in others, igniting intricate conclusions, I grapple to piece together what the 2 circles and oval are forming.  It without a doubt has hindered my performance on exams.  More crucially though, lacking competence to unravel facial expressions and gestures particularly prevalent if distant is present.  I fail to notice the ever imperative nonverbal cues.  Therefore, half the story is not conveyed.  Furthermore, it is difficult in a crowd to pinpoint a specific person as I cannot entirely see the face. 

These struggles inhibit daily life.  On multiple occasions I’m reminded of my inferiority.  However, I still manage to execute I would say a pretty decent life.  It’s about acknowledging where you fall short and not denying it.  Denying does not rid the nuisance.  It in fact amplifies it and creates more bothersome pestering.  A bug does not miraculously disappear from existence if you ignore it.  Instead, swatting it away and learning to adapt crosses the hurdle.  You need to spread your wings without shame.

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