Not Satisfied by Materialistic Things: Follow Your Heart

Hi hi hi!  Today I would like to discuss an essential theme that is life changing.  The materialistic desires that irk and tingle a burning sensation, that propel the impression you can’t live without it, igniting motivation.  However once attained; the anticipated satisfaction is merely not there.  You’re buzzed at the purchase but it fizzles out until the butterflies and jumping in joy is replaced with nothing.  The more rewarding element is the tenacity employed to earn the subject.  My point is that once you reach what you thought was enough, you realise it isn’t.  We are always wanting more.  Therefore, enjoy the journey.  Ensure you are on a path that will make you fulfilled.  Don’t do something just because everyone is pressuring you to. Don’t regret years from now pondering the delicate, glass possibility that has slipped from your hands.  Don’t let others live your life.

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