Time Flies: Enjoy Every Moment

Hii!!  I’m sure seniors will relate to this.  The looming presence of graduation only at 2 months distance evokes a multitude of emotions.  I remember when it seemed ages away.  Walking through those doors as a timid, apprehensive freshman seems like yesterday.  Now in 5 months it’s a 180.  From knowing the ins and outs of the school, securing a place, infected with senioritis to a timourous first year in college, learning to navigate adult life and live independently.  The foreboding fear of not making friends arises again.  Although, it’s exciting brainstorming ideas for my dorm.  No math and science classes (maybe)!  The freedom.  A new chapter is going to begin!

 But that also indicates leaving everything behind.  All the memories, the people I’ve seen grow and emerge the past 4 years, my house, family/friends, and oh god I’m going to miss home cooked food.  It’s going to be weird not seeing kids I’m accustomed to seeing everyday, even if we don’t talk.  I’m going to miss my teachers (at least a couple).  Soon everything is just going to be a memory.  I just hope I’m not crying whilst I walk across the stage.

To all those starting or just entering high school, please enjoy and relish every moment.  Go to all the events.  It may seem superfluous and stupid but make the most of it.  I wish I had been more involved.  The regret of not soaking it all in haunts me.  Incredulous when people commented on how these years fly, I didn’t believe them.  Trust me they do.  Be bold, go for it.  Do it for the storyline.

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