Coping With Bullying

Being bullied, pinpointed as a target, instigates a spiral of dread and believing that venom.  I remember when I was bullied for years by a few a people; this one girl in particular blasted extra iciness. The dread and anticipation pulsed through me. Aaaa  Everyday I would brace myself for the nasty remarks, the scorn that would bombard me.  They would spew it to my face or let the magma build up by telling someone else who would deliver it to me.  I felt the wrath physically burn my heart and form scars.  In the shelter of the bathroom, I permitted the tears to flow down my face.  At home, the fracas thumped through my mind inexorably. The words struck poignantly true.  And I floundered in self doubt, my self worth crumbled and disintegrated.  The mental damage lingered years following the conclusion of this hardship.  

Overtime, I learned how I can’t influence their actions, but I can control how I react.  I didn’t have to take it to heart. That was up to my discretion.  If I showcased the facade I was unfazed, the joy would dwindle.  I began to understand the motive behind such diabolical behaviour and that it stemmed from unhappiness in their circumstances.  It was a twisted method to uplift themselves.  I had to shift my mindset, be there for myself, vouch for myself, convince myself the opposite of what they ingrained. Understanding this and the origins of their attitudes perpetuated me to slowly release the venom that had stung and tattered me.  I empathise with anyone grappling through this or who underwent it.  You are so strong, stronger than the person bullying you.  Don’t succumb to it.  Comment down below your experience or some other helpful advice! 

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