Not Running Away From Situations: Asking for help

A looming, foreboding event perpetuates a storm of butterflies, accounting for the multitude of possibilities that can arise.  You seek, imagine, and generate a remedy for all the probabilities.  You consider skipping the occasion all together.  Last week I was entangled in this distraught state with the dreaded class picture.

Due to my Cerebral Palsy that resulted in poor balance, the lingering paranoia I would haul to comply with their instructions hammered through me.  I predicted there would be levels that one would climb and then turn around, and the awareness that this wasn’t in my abilities insinuated rumination.  I repeatedly antagonised over all the situations.

After excessive, draining pondering and worrying I resolved to email the administration, articulating the issue.  They clarified it was on a staircase, while additionally ensuring they will find a position best adequate for me.  Grateful of their understanding, I replied with the most efficient spot for me was.  The next morning she confirmed it with me.  Everything was set in play and rolled smoothly in motion.

Uncertainty supplies discomfort.  Simply running from it does not instill resilience.  If you are undergoing a tremendous amount of nerves, inform someone.  Do not be afraid to let others know.  They will assist in promoting utmost comfort and ease the assumptions.  I am so glad I reached out.  And you can too!  Comment below any similar circumstance you have undergone.

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