Pushing Past the Judgement: Going For it Anyway

Judgement is a brick wall that cannot be penetrated; it blocks your path, instigating no further action.  Judgement will always be prevalent.  It’s just in people’s nature.  However, you do not have to permit it to debilitate you. 

This past Saturday I had my Prom.  Months ago I ruled to wear a South Asian outfit called a lehenga.  I sought to display the beauty of our culture.  Concerned that I would be the only one wearing such clothing, my parents remained on edge.  Following a search for a western dress, alarmed by the prices and the colossal sizes that failed to suit me, they conceded.

Exhilaration coursed through me especially as the time neared.  The tiktok audio “I remember thinking she can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit” was music dancing through my ears.  I was going to stand out…for the better.  As the adrenaline pumped through me, I imagined heads turning.  I had never felt like this before.

A couple weeks prior, the eagerness and anticipation peaked.  I began to watch tiktoks of girls wearing a lehenga to prom.  I couldn’t wait for it to be my turn!  I gushed to my friends how I was going to wear one.  Additionally, to further represent and enhance the look, I was going to wear our jewelry.

However, a couple days preceding the monumental night, the mud of quandary dripped in.  Sweat trickled as I deliberated over going dress shopping.  Due to attending a primarily white school, the previous untainted confidence shattered and their possible remarks or glances surfaced.  I couldn’t concentrate on any given task.  

After much distress, it dawned on me that it was my culture.  I shouldn’t be ashamed, and it’s honestly really beautiful.  Even through seemingly avoiding the matter by selecting a western dress, it did not ensure people wouldn’t judge.  So I wore it with pride.

Enamoured by my fit, I received so many compliments!!!  People were genuinely starstruck.  I had never experienced this!  I got called a Bollywood Star, a Desi Goddess, and a Queen.  Plus much more!  It all made me blush.

Please wear your traditional dress to prom.  It’s so rewarding! In general, don’t be perturbed to showcase your culture.  It enlightens people and leaves them mesmerised.  On a broader scale, don’t allow the thoughts of someone else to bestow doubt in you.  Someone will always have something to say.  But be free; go for it!  If you all would contain any interest, I can detail more about being a minority and my experiences.  Comment down below a time you did something despite being afraid of judgement.

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