Not Passing Up an Opportunity: Breaking Past the Mental Barrier

The tepidity of lacking compliance deters you from executing that certain action.  It is like a straight flush, trumping whatever fiery desire present.  Unless you pull out the royal flush conquering it…

This weekend my friends sought to stop by a frozen yoghurt place.  The idea appealed me, but once I envisioned my inability to press down the handle and hold the cup simultaneously, all previous interest evaporated.

As we approached the back wall displaying the flavours, the scrumptious ones were enticing and perpetuated salvation.  Watching them eat that deliciousness didn’t seem practical.  And without further vacillation, I grabbed a cup while we discussed the flavours.

I padded over to one called Pink Lemonade and placed the cup below.  Jokingly, I giggled “How do you do this!?”  My friend laughed and said “I’ll do it.” And she assisted with me in adding other flavours.  The royal flush was activated.

Don’t disregard an opportunity.  Go for it.  Others will gain awareness if you are grappling.  If anything, shake it off as a joke. You go this! I believe in you 💞

Comment below a time you broke through the mental barrier!

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