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Standardized Tests are Scary: I Can’t Help But Freak Out

AP tests or standardised tests in general are an unforgiving, relentless black hole that suctions out any preparation, interlocks you into a cycle of consternation.  Your head spins, your brain is frozen, and the words cannot be untangled encircle you.  Or at least this is a repeated occurrence for me.  Failure and helplessness to escape the black hole, generate heavy breathing and excess sweating.  A dejected mood arises with the knowledge that you did not perform at the level of your competence.

I studied for the AP test, but as it being my senior year, infected by senioritis, implementation of full effort was not plausible.  I utilised the few class periods (or at least partly) and attended a couple tutoring sessions.  Following revision and refreshing some concepts, I was at at the mark of achieving a 4.  The frqs were definitely my weakness.  To ease my growing discomfort, my teacher encouraged me to view those as bonus points and knock out the mcq section.  He reassured me that if I were to get a 1, it was okay.

When the time approached to demonstrate what I learned, my mind went blank.  Simple terms and formulas were hurled from my grasp.  The nerves inhibited comprehension of the question.  All the answer choices mingled together.  Overthinking prevailed as I dwelled on each question for a superfluous amount of time.  As I heard the distant voice of the proctor announce ten minutes left, any remnant brain cell evaporated.  I glumly walked out of the room, knowing I would be lucky to get a 2.  I could kiss that 4 goodbye.

Similar mishaps have happened to me on seemingly imperative exams.  I am so sorry to any one enduring such.  It is truly debilitating and antagonising.  Unfortunately, I have not found an adequate solution.  My only advice is to not place that much importance on the exam.  It’s not the end of the world.  If you have any helpful suggestions, comment them down below! 

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