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I Don’t Know How To Be Independent

Hi guysss!  Recently, I attended a friend’s party.  My incapabilities were definitely magnified.  Whilst playing Hot Potato. We were using this egg-shaped device that shocked you.  Following every round it had to be powered on.  Of course, due to my absolutely brilliant luck, for a myriad number of rounds, a person adjacent to me was eliminated.  Thus, insinuated that I open the round, meaning I had to revive the thingy.  However, the button was a pro at camouflaging, and consequently because of the addition of almost 30 pairs of eyes scorching into my skin, I failed to spot it.  Therefore, I feebly tossed it back to my friend.  On numerous occasions. They must think I’m so dumb stampeded through my mind incessantly.  More pressingly, I loathed myself for the inability to execute a seemingly simple task.  This was once again demonstrated when we played LCR.  By some wayward miracle, I snatched the victory.  A dollar had been passed to me and I clutched it by rolling the dot three times in a row, indicating I was safe.  Thus, now the colossal mountain of bills in the middle were mine.  I jumped up in joy.  However, gathering them efficiently, compiling into a neat stack, and aesthetically counting them was not possible.  People encompassed me, and my back prickled.  After painfully watching me outstretch my hand to grab the bill, flatten it, and repeat, my friend asked if I wanted help.  Gratefully but with shame, I accepted.  As she swiftly scooped them up and counted the grand total, resentment flooded through me.  Throughout the remainder of the night, that noncompliance haunted me like a ghost I couldn’t deter.  How am I ever going to be independent?  It presently is still a woe that I frequently ponder about.  But we live and learn.  We adapt, tweak the circumstances in our favour.  We find a way.

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